Zip Line

1. EXTREME ZIP LINE ADVENTURE: Some say less is more - we disagree!! More is more fun when it comes to adventure, and this tour offers the most activities packed into one fun-filled day of adventure. Enjoy thrilling rides on a series of zip lines, including Mexico's longest and fastest. Exhilarating off road ride in a Polaris® ATV and much, much more. Zip It! Located in a protected tropical forest just outside of Puerto Vallarta, you will zip through a stunning tree top canopy on a series of thrilling zip lines - include Mexico's longest and fastest zip line at over 1,200 meters (nearly 4,000 feet) in length and reaching speeds of up to 100 kmh (or 60 mph)!

More Than Just Zip Lines
In addition to exploring the jungle canopy from the zip lines, you will also experience many other exciting activities, like two amazing rappels from elevated treetop platforms, a wobbly climb up the 15-meter (50 ft) high Crazy Ladder, fun ride on the Tarzan Swings, plus a series of suspended walkways and hanging bridges. This tour provides endless excitement.

Off-Roading Through The Jungle
Hop into some of the coolest vehicles around, Polaris RZR ATVs, and test your off road driving skills as you explore the jungle floor on our specially designed off road course. Sit side-by-side having a blast as you drop down steep grades, cross rocky river beds, climb up hills and more.

Get Wet and Wild
What sounds better, after crossing the jungle under the sun, than a refreshing dip in cool water? How about a refreshing dip that also includes a fun and thrilling hillside waterslide? You'll twist and turn as you slide down the hill coming to a splashing stop before continuing your adventure.

2. ZIP LINE TOUR: Is an exciting adventure situated high in the jungle's treetops. Located in one of the areas of Puerto Vallarta. Experience a once-in-a-lifetime chance to zip from tree to tree and take pleasure in the wonderful sights and sounds of Mexico's magnificent jungle. This unique and exciting Canopy Tour gives visitors a birds eye view of indigenous plants and other jungle life as they ride zip lines from tree top to tree top through the jungle. With more than 2 miles of cable in a series of 14 zip-lines, visitors will become familiar with our special environment.


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