Beautiful Sunset

The pirate ship, as all the tourists call it, has sailed the seven seas. The world wide voyages of the Marigalante began in 1987 when she visited Miami, Bermuda, Spain, Brazil, Panama, Hawaii and Japan, finally setting in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico. Today this impressive ship has become a symbol of Puerto Vallarta and its picture is known around the world. The Marigalante, pirate ship, offers two shows to take your group outside their normal environment with fun and excitement!!

We leave on time with a spectacular show of the pirate ship, weighing anchor, where they will set the crazy hymn created for this cruise. They will swoop down from the highest masts to the deck, flying across the breadth and length of the ship, coming out from various points therein.

Our pirates will kidnap all the women passengers sailing with us and “encourage” them to the help set the sails, and submit them to a rhythmic treatment that will prepare them to enjoy the voyage to its outmost. Once everyone is in the right mood, a fun filed “Spanish Lesson” contest will begin pirate style. After the fun comes the calm, when we share with each and every one of the tourist a little bit of our enormous culture by means of an impressive pre-Hispanic show.

After dinner, pre-recorder music and a light show await the passengers so that they may enjoy their cruise while Captain Crispin continues with his shenanigans. Our main feature stars as darkness falls upon the bay: The pirate show, with terrible Captain Crispin waging an impressive battle against the townspeople of Puerto Vallarta, who will have canons placed on the Malecon and repel the furious captain’s attack with the help of Captain Sam, who will board the ship in full sail and vanquish the daring invader.

This is followed by a beautiful message for the protection of children and world peace performed by the pirates on board to the tune of the famous song “We are the world”, under a shower of fireworks. This cruise ends with the explosive fiesta on board.

Pirate Cruise. An amazing sunset cruise with an exciting pirate show, dances and lots of fun! This five-hours cruise begins just before sunset and offers an incredible view of Banderas Bay and Puerto Vallarta from the deck of a real wooden pirate ship. On board entertainment includes a Pre-Hispanic show and Pirate show, acrobatics, sword fighting and even a fireworks display.

Full dinner and free drinks will keep you happy while dancing and music will keep you on your toes. Swash buckling Good!!!

Your adventure begins with a scenic ocean cruise across Banderas Bay to the isolated cove of Las Caletas. As the sun sinks into the Pacific Ocean and darkness descends, you will enjoy a privileged view of the shimmering lights scattered along the coastline. As night falls our journey continues beneath the stars until flickering torches guide us to the secluded haven of Las Caletas transformed into a magical paradise, the ultimate backdrop for our exclusive event, Rhythms of the Night an amazing voyage that will transport you to a mystical and spiritual land that time forgot.

Once on shore, your senses will be ignited by the sounds, sights, smells, and tastes that soon envelope you. The gently lapping sea and swaying palms set the mood and soothing music mixes with the rhythms of the jungle as you follow a torch lit trail past re-enactments of ancient rituals and customs enticing aromas lure you towards to your private beachside table bathed in the soft glow of candles the dinner buffet which is complimented by freshly prepared vegetables, salads and authentic handmade tortillas. Our dessert trays boast brownies, pies, traditional rice pudding, and plenty of local fresh cut tropical fruit.

Here, hidden at the edge of the tropical jungle, a torch lit pyramid sets the scene, creating the atmosphere for a mesmerizing and breathtaking theatrical performance. In a hypnotic and exhilarating spectacle, stories of an ancient civilization are told through live music and modern dance as one of Mexico's most innovative contemporary dance troupes transport you on a magical and mystical journey through time. After the show, end a perfect evening with a nightcap and dancing beneath the stars on the short cruise back to your point of departure.

No other nightlife in Puerto Vallarta comes close to comparing to this amazingly unique experience. Immerse yourself in the Rhythms of the Night!


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