Cruises for the bay

1. Cruise Caletas Beach
Hideaway: Situated on the south side of Banderas Bay, Las Caletas was once the private refuge of film director John Houston.

Las Caletas is so isolated and unspoiled, surrounded by a steep, jungle-clad mountain backdrop its only accessible by sea, so climb aboard our first class catamaran and sit back and marvel at the most fantastic scenery the Mexican Pacific has to offer. Once Las Caletas comes into view, you will be awe struck by its natural splendor; it jumps out at you against a steep backdrop of bright green canopies.

Once settled on shore, you can either explore or just relax. Whether you want to bask in the tropical sunshine on the beach, climb into a hammock and chill out in the shade, indulge in a therapeutic massage or facial at our hilltop Spa Center. It is all about taking it easy to re-invigorate your mind, body and soul in one of the most beautiful settings on earth. Throughout the day our expert guides will be on hand to offer snorkeling, scuba diving and kayaking tours giving everyone the chance to discover and explore the calm, clear waters and hidden charms of this isolated cove we are so proud of. Away from the water there is an abundance of other activities; learn to cook Paella, discover Las Caletas' prolific flora and bird life on a walk through the jungle, orchid gardens and interactive parrot center, or explore the natural amphitheater and the Mayan Pyramid that serves as center stage for the contemporary dance performance of our Rhythms of the Night tour. Las Caletas is purely and simply Mexico's Garden of Eden - a wonderful and enchanting tropical beach where you can kick back, relax and let all the stress slip away!!!

2. Cruise Yelapa & Majahuitas
If you're really looking for a fun and relaxing day to escape from it all, then our tranquil day to the village and waterfall of Yelapa and waters of Majahuitas beach are an absolute must. With emerald waters and pristine golden sand beaches, these remote coves are ideal for snorkeling, swimming and kayaking and provide the perfect backdrop to explore Banderas Bay's secret hideaways.

Your time is spent in the waters of the peaceful and isolated cove of Majahuitas. Situated on the southern coast of the bay, in an area of raw natural beauty, Majahuitas is simply stunning. This virgin, reef-filled coastline is accessible only by boat, making it one of the most desirable in the area for kayaking and snorkeling. Sun kissed waters and swaying palm trees on the shore await you in this sheltered oasis. After lunch aboard our luxury catamaran, we head towards the charming, traditional fishing village of Yelapa. Nestled in its own natural cove, this tiny enclave is also free of any roads making it one of the few remaining must-sees. Hike through the jungle to the “Cola de Caballo” waterfalls and go for a swim in its refreshing waters that vary in flow throughout the year. Kick back and bury your toes in the sand of Yelapa's expansive beach; you will be awe struck by the sublime beauty of this tropical paradise. As we cruise back to Puerto Vallarta with our open bar and on-board fiesta, we will wrap up a perfect day with some great music and dancing and unforgettable entertainment from the crew… and some guests too, of course!

3. Marietas Island Cruise
Just off shore, inside Banderas Bay, rests a group of small, volcanic islands known as the Marietas Islands. Experience wildlife above and below the water as you kayak, snorkel and explore the unique ecosystem with our informative and fun guides and crew.

Designated as a National Park in 2005, an important refuge and nesting area for over 90 species of aquatic and sub-aquatic migratory and native birds, the island offer plenty to see above the sea.

Once out at the islands, our bilingual eco-guides will get you set up for some amazing kayaking and snorkeling - even leading you on a guided trip. They create a fun, safe environment so you can focus on fun and exploring the rocky caverns and archways and truly experience the natural beauty of the Marietas Islands.

Our guides will take small groups for an up-close eco-tour. Educating guests about the wildlife, formation of the islands and showing the area's unique features. Don't miss out on the best snorkeling conditions we have had all year. With light rains this year, the waters around the Marietas Islands are as clear-as-can-be and the marine life is abundant. Our guides will take you snorkeling and introduce you to all the creatures that call Marietas home. The islands offer the best conditions in the bay; come see why Jacques Cousteau fell in love with the islands and started the movement to protect them.

During the winter season you can swim, snorkel and kayak in the warm clear waters of the Marietas Islands, but this adventure is really all about the adrenalin rush of witnessing humpback whales and wild dolphins in their natural habitat. This is what you'll be telling all your friends about back home, the jaw-dropping sight of these magnificent giants soaring into the air just feet away from our boat with the seductive sound of their beautiful whale song.

Whale season in Banderas Bay runs from mid-December to the end of March, but we're fortunate to see wild dolphins throughout the entire year. The best opportunity to see these playful and intelligent mammals is from our fully equipped luxury catamarans as we head towards the Marietas Islands. We invite them to join us and swim alongside our boat so we can marvel at their grace and agility.

Getting there and back is half the fun with Vallarta Adventures. Onboard out modern catamaran powerboats, you will enjoy clean restrooms, an open bar, full buffet lunch and friendly guides and crew. Not only will the staff attend to all your needs, making sure you always have a fresh cold beverage in-hand, but they will put on a spirited and entertaining performance on the way back to Vallarta - it is sure to put a smile on your face.

4. Pirate Day Show Cruise
Welcome to a world of adventure and swashbuckling action. The unmatched natural beauty of Puerto Vallarta is now host of not one but TWO authentic Spanish Galleons, which will transport you into a world fit for pirate-sized fun where imagination is the only limit.

Be part of our Pirate Show! Your high sea adventure features pirates swinging from the highest masts, sword fights and acrobatics jumps. Watch the pirates walk the plank and jump into the ocean in front of your eyes. Our tour includes an exciting 2 hours of fun in the sun of pristine Majahuitas Beach accessible only by sea. Enjoy free water sport such as snorkeling, among tropical fish, ride on a banana boat, ocean kayaking and volleyball.


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