El Tuito

El Tuito is a small village nestled in the mountains 40-60 minutes south of Puerto Vallarta along the Pacific Coast Highway toward Barra de Navidad. The route south is dotted with impressive estates, remote fishing villages, and beautiful river valleys. The town center has a well-preserved main plaza that features a variety of restaurants and small craft shops. Accommodations are limited to a few bed and breakfasts. Day trips from El Tuito include the unspoiled beaches of Mayto and Tehuamixtle to the west.

Walk down the cobblestone streets and notice the colorful yellow and orange adobe houses made from the clay from the region, as well as the clay roof tiles. Enjoy the nature and simplicity of this Mexican village in its main plaza, which is surrounded by gardens, restaurants and cafés. Explore the archaeological remains of Guasimas, Villa del Mar, and José María Morelos. Visit the botanical garden. El Tuito is known for the richness of its cheeses, organic coffee, and variety of honeys, as well as for making “raicilla”, a liquor based on Cenizo Agave (the tequila plant). Ask to try some of their typical candies and freshly baked breads from the region.

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