San Sebastian del Oeste

Nestled at the top of the spectacular Sierra Madre Mountains, about an hour and 15 minutes from Puerto Vallarta, lies colonial, historical San Sebastián del Oeste. This remote village has retained the charm of colonial Mexico, and there is little to do there but relax and mingle with the locals. The fresh mountain air will bring you to life, and the sunsets over the mountains are a soothing way to end the day.

Drive, then hike, up to the Sierra de la Bufa for a view that extends all the way to the Pacific. San Sebastián was once a hotbed of mining activity, and you can still see vestiges of the silver mines at the Hacienda Jalisco’s mining museum. Visit the La Máquina ruins and the González Cortázar House (circa 1750), go 4-wheeling down the cobblestone roads, or purchase organic coffee directly from the grower.

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